Our approach

At Gorilla IT, we operate differently from other software companies. We map out information using insightful models and leverage our proprietary development platform to swiftly create fitting IT solutions.

The right people.

At the outset of every project, we select a high-performance team. These experts are well-coordinated and all work according to the same methodology.

Flexible technology.

All the software we develop remains flexible, whether we’re crafting customized solutions or opting for standard ones. Our solutions are freely usable, with no vendor lock-in.

IT only works really well if it matches the expectations, needs and processes of an organization. That is why we always start by collecting knowledge. We look at existing data, business processes and systems. We determine the roles, the tasks and the requirements. We then convert this information into clear models: this is the starting point for building innovative applications.

When developing software, we use our own development platform. Applications are set up no-code, low-code or pro-code. Where possible we use standard techniques to build the ideal solution as quickly as possible, where necessary we apply customization. Flexibility and continuity are our starting point in everything we develop.

With our approach the entire process is 10 times faster than with traditional software companies. The result? Automated solutions that contribute to optimal business performance. All software we develop comes without vendor lock-in: that gives freedom of movement. No matter how complex an IT solution is, we ensure that we strive for the highest quality and that what we deliver really works. All systems go.

Gorilla IT allowed us to adapt to the rapidly changing leisure sector. In addition to delivering high-quality technology, the team also thinks carefully about possible solutions. Very nice!

Alex Noordegraaf Customer Journey Lead, ANWB


Centraal Beheer PPI (Achmea)

The premium pension institution (PPI) is a further reinforcement for Achmea in serving the employers market. Achmea operates the so-called defined contribution schemes (DC) under the trade name Centraal Beheer PPI. Achmea has the ambition to further expand the PPI in the coming years. For this, it is necessary to have a perfectly suitable Digital Platform.

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ANWB Eropuit

Thanks to smart technology and continuous innovation, ANWB Eropuit offers a seamless connection with more than eight external ticket providers. This means less hassle for the team and more fun for the customer. Members of the ANWB get easy access to an extensive range of the most fantastic days out.

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European Space Agency

Building spacecraft and satellites is a complex task and requires a lot of knowledge exchange. At Gorilla IT we have laid the foundation for the semantic information model of ESA, the Space System Ontology. Moreover, using MDD principles, we have converted this model into a working database with a matching application.

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With the support of Gorilla IT, ABN AMRO Pensions was the first to be successfully linked to the Logius routing facility. This link provides access to multiple login methods and complies with the Digital Government Act. It enables citizens and companies to log in to the government safely and reliably, with identification means that are more reliable than DigiD.

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What we deliver.

Data-entry and retrieval systems

Systems specifically designed for data entry and retrieval.

Process support

Streamlining business processes by automating as many tasks as possible.

User portals

Self-service solutions that offer users access to specific functionalities, services or information.

Integrated systems

The combination of multiple systems or applications to promote seamless collaboration.