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You have big ambitions and IT is indispensable. But you wonder: how to tackle that? As a trusted partner in the world of technology, we want to help you with this.

We have knowledge of the latest technologies and best practices. We know what works and what doesn’t. What suits you and answers your questions. Here you will find a preview of the knowledge we would like to share with you.

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Designed today, in operation tomorrow.

Dive into our 19-page whitepaper to discover how Model Driven Development (MDD) is revolutionizing IT solution development.

MDD enables your organization to respond quickly and flexibly to changing market demands and customer wishes, while at the same time saving costs and accelerating innovation.

Make the leap to agile and future-proof software development with our insights.

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The right starting point for customized software.

Set the course for successful application development by understanding the essence of the 'why' factor.

Our whitepaper reveals how a thorough motivation analysis via ArchiMate perfects the alignment between business and IT, eliminates inefficiencies, reduces costs, and prevents project failure.

Get the tools and insights to strategically navigate your projects.

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What is your project size?

Ensure predictability in IT projects with our guide to Function Point Analysis (FPA).

Learn how FPA can help you capture essential project cues, avoid unpleasant surprises, and build a solid foundation for managing time, budget, and resources, keeping your project on track from the start.

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The Digital Transformation Canvas manual

Ensure a smooth digital transformation in your IT projects with our guide to the Digital Transformation Canvas.

Discover how the Digital Transformation Canvas can help you map out the most important aspects of your digital change, stay ahead of unforeseen challenges, and lay a good foundation for our high-level analysis.

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The Digital Transformation Canvas

Set a course for a flawless digital transformation in your IT projects with the Digital Transformation Canvas from Gorilla IT.

This Canvas is your ultimate guide to identifying essential parts of your digital change process, proactively addressing challenges, and establishing a solid foundation for our comprehensive analysis. Use the Digital Transformation Canvas to drive your digital transformation with confidence and precision, from start to success.

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By sharing our collective expertise, research and insights, we build a community driven by innovation and continuous improvement.

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