About us.

All systems go.

In 1961, Alan Shepard became one of the first people to ever travel into space. From an altitude of 100 kilometers he reported: all systems go! All systems critical to its mission functioned without error.

What was indispensable to Shepard’s mission still applies to current organizations. If you want to realize your ambitions, it is good to know that everything has been made possible to do so. What you think of today should ideally be in operation tomorrow. For this you need an IT partner who not only facilitates you, but who also enables you to accelerate when you need it.

When our founders Kaiton and Daan talked to their professor about the best way to program, they discovered how it should actually be done: with Model Driven Development. But why didn’t anyone do that? Simply because it could not be done within the existing options. It was the starting signal for Gorilla IT.

We are an IT partner that converts the knowledge within your company into perfectly suitable IT solutions. Systems that can immediately adapt to your specific wishes. To achieve this, we first analyze your data model, expectations, business operations and strategy. We model these analyzes based on proven techniques.

We then develop working solutions by automatically converting these models with our software. This method ensures a much faster time to market, up to 10 times faster than traditional software development. When necessary, we expand standard solutions with custom solutions. “Flexibility, continuity and quality are our keywords.”

This way, companies that work with us create more value in less time. And organizations experience the benefits of IT that no longer slows down their ambitions, but actually accelerates them.

Customers value our


"Communication with Gorilla IT is clear. There are no surprises, progress is clearly communicated, and they always keep their promises.”


“Gorilla IT has a great team of experts. This was also important to us in collaboration with other IT suppliers. The team is also able to apply knowledge and experience effectively in practice.”


“The Gorilla IT team uses their expertise to think about innovative solutions. They do this both reactively and proactively. They are very committed to the project."

Would you like to contribute to our solutions?

New talent is always welcome.


Automate everything you can program. With that in mind we founded Gorilla IT. Now we help organizations achieve the optimal level of automation. Our dream has become reality.

Daan ter Avest Co-founder Gorilla IT

Our core values.


We would like to get to know our customers better. We ask questions, look further and are always open to new ideas.


We speak the same language as our customers and develop solutions in consultation. Co-creation is central to our approach.


We let clients experience what it feels like when IT accelerates instead of slows down. And we do so with 100% conviction.