We are Gorilla IT. An ambitious club of analysts, designers, developers and testers, who push the boundaries of IT every day. We always welcome new talent.

Our culture.

Working at Gorilla IT means working in a curious, committed and ambitious team. We believe that success starts with developing innovative IT solutions that can be implemented quickly. We do this for customers such as ANWB, Centraal Beheer, ABN AMRO and KLM.

In our team you will meet talent at all levels. From interns who are just developing their skills to experts who help realize our ambitions. We are a Great Place To Work and offer everyone who works with us a lot of freedom and flexibility. Wondering how we do that? Come by for an introduction!

If I had to describe Gorilla IT, I would say that we are above all curious. We are always looking for new possibilities and the best fit for the customer. That curiosity is reflected in everyone who works with us.

Kayan Meijer Teamlead Software Development

Careers at Gorilla IT.

Back-end Developer

Programs everything that is required for the core of innovative systems and databases.


Evaluates the quality, functionality and performance of software applications or systems.

Business Analyst

Bridge the gap between business and IT and ensure that everyone involved speaks the same language.

Project Manager

Manages the entire project trajectory, from planning to implementation and completion, taking into account compliance with deadlines, budgets and quality standards.

Front-end Developer

Implementeert designs in HTML en CSS en zorgt ervoor dat applicaties responsieve, mobile-first en on-brand zijn.


Designs and improves the complete user experience of our IT solutions.


Creates the layout of all visual elements in our software applications and applications.

Solution Architect

Designs technical solutions that meet functional needs and take into account cost, security, performance, sustainability, scalability and future technology trends.

Product Owner

Is responsible for obtaining input from the customer and providing the team with all necessary information and feedback.


Translates new wishes quickly with low-code solutions into working software.

Great Place To Work.

We are a proven good employer. And this is what that means.



We are always honest with each other. This way we know what to expect from each other.



We get along well. Both professionally and privately.



We treat everyone with respect, believe in equal opportunities and promote an inclusive work environment.

And 100% job satisfaction!

Harmen Wiersma Gorilla IT