Organisations must digitally transform and innovate in order to guarantee continuity.

Our holistic approach guarantees the succes of your digital transformation; from strategy until it’s operational. And that it is transparant, supported and understood by all those involved.

Collective knowledge.

The most important pillar of your digital transformation is collective knowledge. With that we mean that knowledge must be accessible and comprehensible for all those involved.

By using fact-based modelling, we guarantee that all knowledge is transparent, supported and understood by all those involved.

Proven approach.

The second pillar of your digital transformation is that the IT support must be derived from the existing knowledge.

We use globally accepted methods to translate the recorded knowledge into supporting IT solutions, generated with the help of our low-code platform.

The right experts.

The third pillar of your digital transformation is using the right experts at the right time.

Our high-performance teams always consist of a combination of experts from GorillaIT, external experts and your own experts. This enables us to use all the expertise to the full and we have all the requisite knowledge available.

Track record

GorillaIT has a track record of recording the knowledge within organisations and making it accessible by providing IT solutions.

Experience our approach for yourself!

We invite you to an initial knowledge session so you can experience our approach for yourself.

We will show you how an application is created step-by-step. From the first model of your wishes, generating the software up to and including testing the application.

  • The knowledge session is free of charge.
  • We achieve the best results if we can discuss your specific case during the knowledge session.
  • Bring your own experts along, such as architects, programmers, (database) modellers and analysts, so we can handle all topics directly.

After the session, we will give you a poster containing all the created models.