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If you don't start your software development on the right foot, it's unlikely that all concerns will be adequately considered. This leads to architectures that are not fully aligned with the objectives of your organization.

Developing an enterprise architecture with a clear understanding of stakeholder motivations is therefore invaluable. It enables architects to address and refine stakeholder concerns and requirements, resulting in an architecture that truly reflects the needs of the organization.

Mapping the motivation gives you a clear overview, so you know what the right first step is for software development. Moreover, you can easily avoid any future problems.

So it is not only a strategic choice, it is also a practical approach that ensures that your organization can continue to grow and innovate.

Discover where you can best start for customized IT solutions

Key points

This paper gives you clarity on how to effectively map the drivers within your organization with ArchiMate. This results in crystal clear insight. The key points of what this insight provides you with software development:

▹ Foundation for success
▹ Efficiency and coordination
▹ Cost reduction and project success
▹ Effective communication
▹ Better organizational results

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