The Digital Transformation Canvas (DTC)

Step into the world of digital transformation with confidence with the Digital Transformation Canvas of Gorilla IT. This Canvas is specially designed to guide you through the complicated landscape of digital change in a simple and clear way. Whether you're a beginner or already experienced, it provides all the essential insights and tools needed for success in the digital age.

Start your digital transformation with the DTC

How it works.

The canvas consists of two perspectives, the customer-driven perspective and the strategic foundation. Both perspectives are divided into different sections, each focusing on a core aspect of your project.

▹ Download the manual and the DTC
▹ Start a brainstorming session with your team
▹ Write down all ideas on a canvas
▹ Don't worry about perfection; the canvas evolves along the way
▹ Use the filled-in canvas as a basis for the high-level analysis

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